Drama Queen

I hate acting as a Drama Queen and at the same time that`s exactly how I spent my last couple of days…

Living with what-it-was.

Dreaming for what-it-could-have-been.

Passing through every single day…


It has been always hard for me to write down „the end“ and to open a new page…

I need time to let the memories go away although they always stay…just a bit deeper, a bit covered, hidden… But , indeed, they always stay…

Why am I feeling like writing much more when I`m a-kind-of-not-feeling-well and less when I`m happy?

Happiness needs to be lived. Now.
One does not have time for „reporting“, for explaining… That could just ruin the magic, you know?

On the opposite side… When I`m sad, I could write hundreds of pages- writing with no specific reason, direction, even no sense. Starting with day number 1…till today, or tomorrow, or…

Anyway, I`ll stop here.

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