Please Don’t Promise Me Forever…

Вярвам, че дадени книги, филми, случки и хора, влизат в живота ни в точно определен момент. Случайности няма. Факт. Така и тази книжка, чрез един мил човек, сякаш ме намери сама. Също като тази песен.

Please don’t promise me forever.

I want us to love each other one day at a time […] instead of trying too hard and promising too much.

Please don’t expect me to always be good and kind and loving. […]

Please don’t think about all the things that could happen to us. Don’t think about other people coming between us. Don’t think about outgrowing each other or growing out of love.

Please do think about all the good things that could happen to us. […]

Please don’t get mad at me if I forget your birthday or some special day we share…

… and please remember that there is an „everydayness“ about what we have that is beyound birthdays and anniversaries. […]

Please don’t ever give me too much of yourself or take too much of me. […]

Please listen to me.. when I’m talking to you…

… and please don’t ever think about someone else when I kiss you. […]

Please remember to call me sometimes for no reason except that you feel me thinking about you, needing your voice. […]

Please let’s not use politeness and busyness and silence to avoid our problems and the places where we hurt. If something is wrong let’s go after it and make it right. […]

Please don’t try to keep it from me when you’re feeling down. I’ll never be able to share your joy if you try to protect me from your sadness.

Please don’t ever say never…

… and please don’t promise me forever. All I ask is that you love me now. […] “

P.S. Историята може да прочетете тук. Happy Friday!

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