The Kinfolk Entrepreneur

Малко думи, много снимки и по-скоро смело заглавие за историите, които представя. (Нещо свързано със стартъп и криейтив средата би му отивало повече). Разделението на срещите в три категории (A single vision // The Power of Partnership // Creating a Community) също ми се струва излишно, защото написаното носеше усещане за повторение без значение къде е ситуирана дадена история.

Темата за предприемачеството, в нейната цялост и комплексност, се прокрадва едва в последната част – Tips, която за мен осмисля цялото издание.

Искаше ми се да прочета повече мисли от първо лице, повече случки и уроци, да имам някакъв ориентир за това кой колко е успешен в сравнение с други, които правят същото.

С две думи, очаквах много повече.

„I think naïveté is one of the strongest motivators.“ (Nitzan Cohen)

„Do not undercharge, or undersell. All clients like expensive regardless of whether they can afford it or not.“ (Pum Lefebure on the best piece of business advice she has received.)

„An entrepreneur is the offshoot of an adventurer.“ (Victor Gastou)

„One of the most important things that I think we do well, and this sounds so unglamorous, is knowing how to price a product. Ultimately, a lot of the things that we count as successful, that feel like they have a little bit of magic dust on them – like the fact we can offer a full suite of benefits to our employees, or that the business is profitable, and we don’t have any debt – come down to making the right calculation about what something costs and how to bring it to the market.“ (Gabriel Hendifar)

„Control is a quintessential part of being an entrepreneur.“ (Ronan Bouroullec)

„… in the same way our visions of the future inspire us, they can also start to limit us.“ (Angela Oguntala)

„I associate adrenaline with risk or competition, whereas passion is about endurance and resilience.“ (Frida Escobedo)

„The opposite of leadership isn’t anarchy, it’s plain old management.“ (Bob Chapman)

„Entrepreneurs will go broke trying to buy happiness. I was happy all day Saturday and I got nothing done. Happiness doesn’t drive productivity.“ (Cy Wakeman)

„Drama is emotional waste, and the job of a leader is to eliminate waste through good processes.“ (Cy Wakeman)

„Thinking about leadership without thinking about followership is a fool’s errand.“ (Barbara Kellerman)

„Becoming an entrepreneur means going off on your own and is a declaration of independence.“ (Nora Bouchard)

„I think, generally, in asking for help, people should approach it as a conversation, not simply a question.“ (Nora Bouchard)

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